Saturday, April 24, 2010

Under The Sea Class Cupcakes!

I had a blast at last night's cupcake class.  I taught how to make poured sugar coral, how to make frosting waves and how to make a fondant fish!  Erica, my student picked teal as the coral color she wanted for her cupcakes and it turned out stunning.  I have posted a photo of her completed cupcakes for you to see.  She is amazing at working with fondant and made a quick mermaid (that one happens to be my favorite).  It was nice to see my past student again and hope this technique serves as a useful on in her arsenal of decorating skills.


  1. How is this achieved? I've looked everywhere

  2. Casey & Laura,

    You simply use Isomalt Sugar. Once it is to the correct boiling point you pour it over a bowl of ice cubes. Rinse ice out of holes by running it under cold water.

  3. I love this, your cupcakes are beautiful! I am doing an under water, Sponge Bob cake soon for my niece and I was looking for different ideas to use as a border instead of using fondant. Luckily I got some Isomalt as a gift not too long ago so this is perfect!