Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Great holiday Cupcake Cake idea!!

Nancy Buttino a Wilton Instructor for AC Moore in Ithaca, NY sent me this photo of a clever cupcake cake idea for the holidays.  This beautiful Christmas Wreath project uses 12 cupcakes, some ribbon of your choosing, mint leaves, edible berries, white chocolate and buttercream icing.  Made to be elegant and delicious this wreath will brighten up any holiday table.  Couple this dessert with a glass of eggnog and sit back and enjoy the holiday!

To make this cupcake cake you will need 12 Jumbo caupcakes.
Ice them with buttercream and set aside. 
Take mint leaves and paint them with white chocolate. When dry peel off the mint leaf.  Take the remaining white chocolate leaves and stick them into the cupcakes until it looks full.
Place berry candies in between chocolate leaves and finish with a bow in the ribbon of your choice.

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